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Workplace Trends in Twenty Eighteen

Le 12 mars 2018, 13:57 dans Humeurs 0

Enhancing employee engagement in 2018 will be one of the top goals of every employer . Finding the right talent for the job is the first step toward bringing that goal toward reality. With digitization and cloud-based hiring tools, recruiters and hiring managers can easily and affordably locate, evaluate, and organize top job candidates. Companies like SilkRoad and Youth4Work are examples of companies that utilize algorithms to filter applicants based on specific employer criteria to help select the right person for the job. More and more employees are demanding a flexible work environment and that includes having choice in where they work. Working remotely is a sought-after benefit that can help create an engaging, employee-centric culture. Lower commute times and a more flexible schedule can positively impact employee productivity, while lower overhead costs can boost company bottom lines. With technology like video conferencing, group chat tools and smart phones, it’s easy for employees to stay connected and focused, even when they are working remotely. Historically, HR has been at the tail end of digital innovation. But as talent becomes a hot button issue for the C-suite and unemployment levels drop to record lows, HR leaders are now exploring where to invest in emerging technologies. But no matter what changes come in workplace trends in 2018 and beyond, one thing will remain constant: HR is the link between talent and corporate profitability. There’s a misconception that, in order to attract the best candidate, you must limit your search to hiring a full-time, permanent employee. Stress has become a fact of life for today’s average employee—whether it is caused by increasing workplace demands, a changing industrial workforce organizational environment, or economic hardships. Stress in the workplace is an ongoing trend that seems to impact employees and employers in all workplace settings. Employees’ voices will become more important to organizations this year as they focus on collecting employee feedback more employee feedback frequently, utilizing innovations for capturing that feedback, and acting to drive engagement based on those results. In 2016 & 2017 more organizations implemented some sort of Employee Engagement program to capture the employee voice and concern through a series of quantitative surveys and continuous listening/pulse surveys and examining passive data for employee opinions and behaviors. As the workforce shifts from one generation to the next, we will see an increase in Employee Engagement and Feedback.

Customer Experience Strategies 2018

Le 9 mars 2018, 11:24 dans Humeurs 0

For customers, voice-based interfaces will act as an easier-to-use technology that they don’t have to necessarily learn or adapt to. Humans can speak much faster than they can type, so speech will be a more sought-after medium. Moreover, voice-based technologies are becoming more and more intuitive. As machines become more human, a customer is more likely to form an emotional attachment to them, and in turn, with the brands. Think about it, imagine, asking your phone to order a pizza and it responds with your favorite toppings or maybe tells me there is a ‘Buy One Get One Free offer’ running. You can even ask for weather updates, order products online, book movie tickets, look for news on cx trends in 2018, play your choice of music and much more using these digital assistants.

God is great

Le 24 février 2017, 13:03 dans Humeurs 0

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